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From day one, we designed and built Natron Capital Options for newcomers and experts alike.

While we're proud to be one of the largest bitcoin exchanges, serving clients in over 190 countries, we're just as excited about helping people discover the world of crypto and expand their portfolios to include other digital assets.

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From simple buying to advanced trading we have you covered.

Our trading platform is chock full of features.

Our easy-to-use interface, quick funding options and wide range of digital currencies allow you to effortlessly execute both long and short-term investment strategies. You can also take advantage of our advanced features, like margin and futures trading, so you can do more with less, leveraging the power of your portfolio.

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Fees as low as 0% so you can keep your money in your wallet where it belongs.

Bye-bye high minimums and hidden fees.

Unlike traditional trading platforms, we don't charge a flat fee for every trade you make - and there's never any guesswork or hidden costs.
The more you trade, the lower your rate. Our volume-based, investor-friendly fee structure rewards you for trading so you can make more trades for less.

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Frequently Asked Question

Natron Capital Options is a multi-functional platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It provides an advanced order matching algorithm, a high-liquidity order book, and a rich variety of trading tools. Combining an intuitive interface and advanced trading possibilities, it will empower your trading and help you grow your portfolio.
Bitcoin is the world's first digital currency and it is expanding in popularity worldwide. With the platform you can trade this rapidly growing currency against the US Dollar 24/7. Many traders prefer to trade Bitcoin derivatives due to this asset's highly volatile nature, which makes it ideal for .
Bitcoin (USD) opens at 4am on Saturday, and is available to trade until 10pm (London time) on Friday. Market holidays may change these hours.
We also offer spread bets and CFDs on bitcoin cash and ether (the token of the ethereum network).
While ‘XBT' is the official ticker symbol of bitcoin – with an ‘X' to denote its international status – ‘BTC' is often used to represent the cryptocurrency, and is recognised by most trading platforms and search engines.
You can apply alerts to bitcoin price movements just as you can to any other market. Log in to our platform, go to a bitcoin market's deal ticket and define your parameters. Enter a message if you'd like to remind yourself why you've enabled this alert, and click ‘set alert.'
Yes. You can use you smart mobile phone to access bitcoin when you're on the move, as well as the rest of our 16,000 markets.

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